I started my Consulting Services in 2010 and have been helping Clients to learn about QuickBooks and the functions that they need to use for their business. I do initial cleanup and review of incorrect use of QuickBooks and then focus on training needs.

There are MANY tips and tricks that help with the everyday use of QuickBooks. My Advanced Training helps me to provide the individual help that is needed.

Prior to the start of my Consulting Service I was working for a Nationwide Federal Government Contractor, located in Austin, Texas, that supported numerous other business. Over the 17 plus years that I worked there I became very familiar with the various needs of small business Nationwide and organized a team of professionals to meet those needs. With their assistance I created procedures to reduce wasted time in the day to day workflow which resulted in the companies operating with a reduced staff with greater profit margins.

Before moving to Austin, I worked for a Sub-Contractor in Omaha Nebraska for 10 years. It was my past experience growing up in a family owned and operated business that gave me the skills needed to be the 1 person office working with the CPA for tax purposes as well as working with the guys in the field to give them the assistance they needed to get the job done.

I am familiar with the needs of business from the "out in the field" personnel to the CPA or tax professional preparing needed financials and tax returns.

I would be happy to speak with you to help you with your growing business needs.


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Full of knowledge, answers every question

Lori has been great for me two training's now. I am a new user and I know that in the future whenever I have any type of QBO questions, I will contact her again. Lori is friendly, dependable, available, and extremely knowledgeable in all things! She helped me understand how the banking section works, transfers, matches, etc., loans, Balance Sheet questions, the list goes on... I usually wait until I have at least 3 items I need her help understanding, and then call her for an appointment. Once the appointment is over, I have a full understanding of whatever I had questions on. 5 stars!

cherryblossom12, May 8, 2019

Highly recommend Lori

I reached out to Lori for some help sorting out a QuickBooks Online account for a not-for-profit volunteer organization. She was quick to respond to my call and setup a time to go over my questions. After a short explanation, she jumped right in and helped me solve a reconciliation problem that I’d tried for hours and hours to resolve on my own with no luck. She was able to show me how to reconcile, categorize entries into the appropriate accounts, enter checks, journal entries, create a Statement of Activity, and other beginning QuickBooks training items. Lori is professional and an expert at QuickBooks Online. I will definitely keep her number handy for any future QB assistance that may come up as well as recommend her to others. Thanks Lori!

RockyRoad, September 2, 2019

A true angel

Thought I lost my whole company file and was having a nerves brake down. called Lori and she not only calmed me down but waked me through finding my company file and reinstalling it. All I can say is she is the best. Thank you so much Lori

Lkimball, November 3, 2017